Bible Passage: Nehemiah 1–2
Memory Verse: Psalm 54:2
Bible Truth
God hears our prayers.

Lesson Introduction:
Today we are refreshing are learning about Nehemiah! For you parents, this may be a refresher on what you learned with Pastor Ed, so dust off those cobwebs and let’s jump in!!

This is a picture of Nehemiah’s wall. This is what remains of the wall that Nehemiah worked on. This picture is a great reminder that God hears our prayers. God answered Nehemiah’s prayer. Let’s learn more!

Watch Joel’s video, and then continue below!

Discuss these questions together as a family:

What special job did Joel try?
Name the person from our Bible story who was a special type of taste tester.
What happened to Nehemiah in today’s Bible story?

Nehemiah was a cupbearer. That means he was completely trusted by the king. Being a cupbearer was a prominent job.

That tells us that Nehemiah was responsible and respected. Read Nehemiah 2:2-5 together as a family. It would have been dangerous for a cupbearer to show sadness in front of a king. It could have been misinterpreted. Kings would have to respond immediately if they felt threatened or concerned because of anyone in their presence. When Nehemiah was given the opportunity to explain, it was another example of trust.

Discuss as a family ordinary ways you can be responsible and trustworthy in everyday life. Did you notice anything special when we read verse four? In that moment, Nehemiah was afraid. There are many possible reasons for his fear, but his response was prayer. Talk about some times you were afraid and how prayer can help. God hears our prayers. Whatever Nehemiah prayed in the moments with the king, we know that he had been asking God to allow him to return to Jerusalem. His prayer was answered. God is faithful.

Use these questions for more Bible study together as a family!

  1. What was Nehemiah's job? (Cupbearer, Nehemiah 1:11)
  2. What message did Nehemiah hear about the city of Jerusalem? (It was in ruins/the walls and gates were destroyed, Nehemiah 1:3)
  3. How did Nehemiah feel after he heard the message? (He was sad, Nehemiah 1:4)
  4. How did Nehemiah respond to the message? (He cried, fasted, and prayed; Nehemiah 1:4)
  5. Who noticed that Nehemiah was sad? (King Artaxerxes, Nehemiah 2:1-2)
  6. What did Nehemiah ask the king permission to do? (To go to Jerusalem, Nehemiah 2:5)
  7. What did the king send with Nehemiah? (Lumber and an army, Nehemiah 2:8-9)
  8. After Nehemiah had been in Jerusalem for three days, what did he do? (He went to inspect the walls and gates, Nehemiah 2:11-15)
  9. What is today's Memory Verse? (Psalm 54:2 in the translation of your choice)

Use the bible story picture to engage your child as you tell them the story about Nehemiah’s prayer.


Focus in on these Bible Story Nuggets as you are telling the story:

Nehemiah was sad.
Nehemiah talked to God.
God heard Nehemiah talk to Him.


  1. Why was Nehemiah sad?
  2. What did Nehemiah ask the king if he could do?