There is something special about your 20’s and 30’s. There is much to juggle, to manage, and to learn in these decades… from relationships, to work, to your own well-being, to your personal faith. It takes daily awareness to do it all and be the woman you believe God has called you to be in the midst of a busy life.

Living Faith Ministry to Women knows that during this season of life you need support, encouragement and friendship of other women. We know it is often hard to build deep friendships amidst all that pulls at your time and energy. It is for this very reason, we are offering the IF:Gathering on February 28-29. This special event has been planned and set aside for women who and 19-39 and call Living Faith their home church.

So what exactly is the IF:Gathering?

  • A time and a place for you to be fed, encouraged and strengthened in faith and friendships

  • A simulcast of amazing speakers mixed with live worship by LF women, and connect time with women at your table as well as women at the event

  • A fun casual and creative environment with lots of tea, coffee and healthy food options

  • A gathering of women in their 20’s & 30’s who are like-minded in faith and in life issues

  • A place to meet new women – and discover that you are not alone

  • A place to be challenged in your faith- walk with God and renewed in your spirit

IF:Gathering will meet on Friday night from 7-10PM and again on Saturday from 10AM-4PM.  All your resources, food, beverages and some sweet take home gifts are included in the $20 registration fee (not to mention the teaching, amazing worship and time with other women!)

Seriously, how amazing is this . . . you can come and all you need to think about for these 8 hours is you… YOU as a woman of God, a friend, a sister-in-Christ. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in becoming more like Christ, deeper in your faith and closer to other women who are on this life journey with you.
Tickets go on sale Sunday February 9th following services. Stop by the IF Table in the Atrium to pick one up!

I’m only 18 but out of High School
Then you are incredibly bright and we want you there. Buy a ticket!

I’m 40 or older!
If you turned 40 in the past 6 months and would like to attend, then you are welcome. If older than that, please mark your calendar for the Living Faith Women’s Spring Conference on May 16th. The Spring Conference is open to women of any age.

I’m nursing an infant.
If you have a little one 6 months or younger that you are nursing, then bring them. Of course, you will get more out of it if you are not juggling a baby and the event at the same time, but we get that it isn’t always possible to leave a little one who is 6 months or less at home. Come join us and bring the baby!

I have to come late or leave early due to work or kid’s schedules.
Some of the conference is better than none! Make whatever arrangements you can to be there as much as you can and then be there. If there was ever a time to pull in the favors this is it!

Can I bring a guest?
Living Faith Ministry to Women offers different events throughout the year. Due to the nature and focus of this event, it is specifically just for women who call LFCC their home church. The Spring Conference is coming up on May 16th. It is specifically geared for friends and you are welcome to bring them then!

I really want to attend but seriously do not have an extra $20
We can help! Call Joyce at 516-752-1979

I want to talk to someone a little more about the event or have additional questions.
Call Jennifer in our church office for more info. She serves on the IF Leadership team and would love to speak with you! Jennifer Pollizzotto 516-752-1979