"I prayed to the LORD, and he answered me.  He freed me from all my fears." Psalm 34:4

   May 8 - 21                                                                

Cindy Reyes - Please pray for a close friend who's a doctor suffering from anxiety and that he may be open to the Lord.

Grace McKenna - Please pray for my girlfriend Millie and her husband Matty. He has kidney cancer and they have been married for 56 years. She is worried about her future without her husband and her daughter who is also very upset & is questioning God.

Donna Kirk -Thank God our daughter Sarah and son-in-law Michael had their baby girl and are home from the hospital safe and healthy!

Eileen Kadletz - My niece in Houston, Tx lost her police officer husband, Jason in a helicopter crash. Keira & Jason have 2 small children. Pray for the families. Thank you.

Frank Pasquale - Pray for the Pasquale, Casella, Peterson and Bongiorno families.

Joseph Desena - To protect and watch over Mimi, Carmela, vincent and Brandon.

Michelle Gebhard - I’m really starting to struggle with my faith because of what’s going on in the world. I’ve been ok up until now but really having a hard time.

Georgina Franco - Comfort for Nancy in loss of her Dad entire Robles family. Larni to be able to finish school and keep her Visa to stay here. If school cancels she and her family lose visa

Jeanette Passarella - Pray for all the technicians at Foleys Pump Service in Ct that are essential to get people water in their homes.

Margaret Jean-Louis - The Senat family who has lost beloved dad from the virus.

Pray for the Sanicola family on the passing of their 3 cousins that has passed away from the virus.

Amanda Passarella - Pray for our Pastors and Elders for protection, God's wisdom and blessings. Lord help them to shepherd the sheep. Thank You, God for all of them!

Sandra Marroquin - i ask prayer for healing. God bless

Luann Polliizzotto - Bari has had a virus for 3 weeks... saw 3 docs and she's not improving.

Ellen Reid - Lord lay my burdens down and give me peace and the ability to take a walk in the sunshine Please take care of everyone here for good health and your loving protection and give us shelter and food please cloth us please give us good mental health and strength to get through this pandemic."

Martha Damian - For Denise and Martha's family health, strength and guidance.

Barbara Sanicola - Our friend Mitch, who is struggling with virus and for his wife Jane.

Barbara McGuire - Pray for healing for Tim.

Katie Viscio - That I may recover and be with my family.

Jeannette Taibe - I did have the virus & was in hospital 11 days. And the Lord saved me. I felt him one night in the hospital . The prayers and my family I pulled through because of our Lord in Heaven. Only God can do miracles.

Debbie Lutz - Pray for my Uncle Doug who suffers from multiple serious health issues. Pray that he is open to the gospel and to reading the Bible that was sent to him as a gift.

Ann Sallustro - My cousin’s husband Dave has an infection in his right ankle and leg. It is extremely serious. He has had several surgeries and needs more surgery to try to get rid of some of the infection and the infected muscle and bone. Please pray for a miraculous healing of his right ankle and leg.

Ann Marie Sammut - Please prayer for my mom Helen (95) In nursing home and an immuno-suppressive illness has struck her leaving her very compromised.

John Toscano - I pray that this country would turn away from abortion and return to God's plan for all creation.

Zetroya Humphrey - Prayer for strength after the pandemic with church and to find the Lord completely. I need the strength to feel well and feel like I can do it. I feel exhausted and worn down much of the time. I also want my 6 children to join me. Pray for guidance. Thank you in advance for all that you have been doing and what you continue to do as a Godly team. You have been a blessing.

LaVonne Brown - Prayers for Maria who is on a ventilator due to the virus.

Libby Baron - A prayer of comfort for Michelle, Mia and Chris DeChiaro and family on passing away Michelle's father Frank Carlo.

Ileana Betancourt - Anthony, one of my vendors brother is fighting the virus and not doing so well. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you.

Artie Martin - Please pray that God will do exceedingly more than we could possibly ask or comprehend. May Jesus be glorified in our family as He alone deserves. Here one thing I learned and still learning...Loving like God loves takes more than courage, It takes help from God because we all have been hurt and we all have hurt.

David Francis - My wife Joy Francis works in the ICU at Northshore Hospital . Joy's nephew, Wrayme (34 years old) has died from natural cause. Pray for peace & comfort.

Stephanie Saperstein - Continued prayer for my brother in law, Marc who is off the ventilator & is on oxygen but has a way to go yet.

Ro DeVito - Please pray for my mom & for the residents and staff of her nursing home. The virus has been diagnosed in the facility.

Jan Dougherty - Cynthia Murphy for her pain and healing.

Sue Grimaldi - Prayer for Hannah.

May 22 - 29                                                                                                                                                

Ron Enners - Please continue to pray for Jerry...90 years old with heart failure, pneumonia and the virus. Please pray for his wife and family.

Susan Grimaldi - Prayer for Theresa S.

Ann Lydia Scott - Please pray for Magaly as she undergoes surgery & that everything will go smoothly with the anesthesia. Also, pray for my niece Karen for healing of body & soul. Thank you

Phil Coglietta - Please pray for my family on the loss of my sister. Pray for her nephews & nieces for peace and comfort at this time.

Beth Klimaszewski - My cousin Mary has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She is having lots of pain and a poor prognosis. Thanks for prayers.