We believe that people and their relationship to God and each other matter. Therefore we place a priority on the following:

  • Seeing people become followers of Christ.

  • Learning and living God’s Word.

  • Authentic worship in Spirit and Truth.

  • Authentic connections with one another.

  • Serving others in ministry.

  • Sacrificial giving for the glory of God.

  • The amazing power of living faith.

The foundation for accomplishing these things is found in our belief:

The Bible is the Word of God... so we value reading it and living by it.
God is personally revealed to us through the Trinity…thus he is above all things and yet is personal. He loves and desires a relationship with us.
Humanity was made in God’s image, and although we have sinned, God cares for us and seeks to redeem us through the death and resurrection of Christ.
Those who have trusted in Christ as Savior have the presence of the Holy Spirit living within them and thus have direct access to pray to God to know and do his will.
The church is the people of God who together fulfill his desire to impact the world, live in holy character, and bring glory to his name.
Every Christian is called to live a godly life, identify with Christ through baptism after salvation, and serve others through the local church.
Communion reflects the unity of the church and honors the memory of the life and death of the Savior.
Those who trust in Christ as Savior for forgiveness will attain heaven and those who have not must ultimately present themselves to God to be judged for their sin.
As designed by God, marriage is to be between a man and a woman resulting in a lifelong relationship producing children that follow Christ as Savior.