SAVIOR | Always Good News Week 4  


Revelation 21:1-8 
Jesus is the only Savior of sinners.

  • Though humanity was created very good, we have become sinful by rebelling against God.
  • We aren’t good. We are sinners in need of a savior from our sin.
  • And there is only one person who can do that – Jesus.

SIN | Always Good News Week 3  


Revelation 21:1-8 
Jesus is putting the world right regarding sin. 

  • He is going to right every wrong done to us and by us.
  • He is going to right all that is wrong within us.
  • He is even going to right all that is wrong with creation.

The Lord | Always Good News Week 2  


Psalm 2 
Jesus is the Lord. We aren’t. 

  • He is the supreme authority.
  • He is the one to whom we will all give an account.
  • We don’t pick and choose who he is and what we want him to do for us.
  • He tells us who he is and what he wants us to do to glorify him.

The Good News | Always Good News Week 1  


Romans 1:1-7 
Jesus is the good news. That we all need. 

  • He is the Gospel.
  • His message is good every day in every way for everyone.

Sermon Series Announcement  


Pastor Scott begins a new series “Always Good News” on September 10th. We long for good news and love to celebrate it. A new job, the birth of a long-awaited child, a clear medical report. But these things fade quickly as the distractions of life set in. We need a different kind of good news… the good news that is the Gospel of Jesus!

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