We want to invite and encourage you to join a life group this fall!
In a smaller setting, you can ask questions, participate in a discussion of the Biblical text, and hear others share insights and illustrations of the truth you are trying to grasp. The Bible should be applied to your own personal situations, and that happens best in a circle, not in rows. 
Additionally, life groups provide excellent support in times of crisis, change, and stress. You will have a sense of stability and security knowing there are people who really care for you and are committed to standing with you. In a way, they may become a “second family” to you. Remember, God created us to be in relationship with others. We are better together.

Available Fall Life Groups:



How to Read Your Bible by Jennie Allen
(Couples with Children)

Wed. 7pm | Farmingdale | Michael & Lisa Freeman

Jumpstart (Any Adult) - Starting 10/12 for 8-12 weeks
Wed. 7pm | LFCC | Jack & Ellen Holland
Pursuing Contentment (Luci Swindoll)
(For Single Moms)
Mon 7pm | LFCC | Peggy Tsinoglou
Book of Ephesians
Thurs. 7:30pm | LFCC | Recovery Group for Men | Bob Smith
Grace Based Parenting
 2nd & 4th Sunday 7:30 | LFCC | Mothers | Katrina Crawford

Jesus' Farewell Message by Francis Chan
Mon. 6pm | LFCC | Christina Toomey
(Understanding the Books of the Bible)
Wed. 12:30pm | LFCC | Hadassah Silva

What the Women Saw (RightNow Media)
Thurs. 1:30pm | Zoom | Debra Ephraim
She Smiles Without Fear (Katy McCown)
Fri. 10am | Levittown | Donna Broberg

Book of James
Mon. 7pm | LFCC | David Saraco
Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict
Mon. 7pm | LFCC | Max Rollo
The Holiness of God (RC Sproul)
Wed. 7pm | LFCC | Oscar Sagastume
Book of Hebrews
Fri. 8pm | Zoom | Charles Bartoszak
John Maxwell Leadership Bible
Sat. 8:30am | Panera Bread (Bellmore)
Robert Sanicola
Where Do We Go From Here? (David Jeremiah)
Sat. 8:45am | LFCC | Cliff Chase

Young Adults (18-35) 
Book of James (Francis Chan)
Tues. 7pm | LFCC | Women 
Jennifer Pollizzotto / Stephanie Goicochea
Book of Ephesians (JD Greear)
Wed. 7:30pm | Ronkonkoma | Married / Engaged-Couples
Chris & Sharon Fazio
Book of Hebrews (Derwin Gray)
Thurs. 7:30pm | Massapequa | Married Couples / Married Couples with children
Lenny & Elisabeth Warner
Abiding in Christ
Wednesday 7:30pm | LFCC | Men
Joe DeVito / Chris Bayley
Adulting (Jonathan Pokluda)
Thurs. 7pm | Levittown | Any Young Adult
Dan & Sara Broberg


You will begin to really feel like part of God´s family

Most people who have been a part of a group say the greatest benefit is the close relationships and friendships that develop. They will often telephone or text each other during the week to share an urgent prayer request or an exciting answer. You´ll discover that your needs and problems are not unique - we´re all in the same boat. It helps to know that others are facing the same difficulties, or have lived through them and learned spiritual principles in the process.

Prayer will become more meaningful to you

Many people are hesitant to pray in front of others, especially in a large church. In a group, you will learn to participate in prayer by having a conversation together with God. No one is pressured to pray, but as you become comfortable, you´ll be able to pray and be drawn together as we find answers to the needs in our lives.

You will be able to handle stress and pressure better

Groups provide excellent support in times of crisis, change, and stress. You´ll have a sense of stability and security knowing there are people who really care for you and are committed to standing with you.

When someone loses a job, or a family member has an extended illness, or a mother needs a babysitter - these are practical needs that will be naturally taken care of through your life group. We have heard countless times that people would not have made it through a difficult time if it hadn´t been for the support of their group.

You will be a New Testament Christian!

1 Corinthians and Acts is very clear about how God intends for His people to grow and have their needs met in the church. Living Faith will never be able to hire enough professional pastors to meet all the individual needs in our church family. God never intended for it to be that way (Eph. 4:11-16)!


"They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. All the believers were together and had everything in common. Every day they continued to meet together... they broke bread in their homes and ate together." — Acts 2:42, 44, 46

"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the Good News." — Acts 5:42

"Aquilla and Priscilla greet you warmly in the Lord and so does the church that meets at their house." — 1 Cor. 16: 19

Adapted from Rick Warren: http://rickwarren.org/connect/why-start-a-small-group