Since our founding in 1952, Living Faith has been a strong missions and outreach minded church.
Former and current members serve ministries in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and throughout North America. Thousands of people have been reached with the gospel through the support of God’s people at Living Faith.

The church currently supports over 30 missionaries and ministries including doctors, nurses, orphanages, Bible translators, church planters and trainers, strategists, camps, poverty specialists, school teachers, campus leaders, chaplains, human trafficking specialists, teen mentors, women's health counselors, and personal evangelists. This is our past but it will only be part of our future.

Our future is found in partnering with global leaders and ministries to advance the gospel worldwide and to bring what we learn back home to reach our Island for Christ. Our current plans are to go beyond sending funds to assist others and to begin a strategy that will effectively transform lives, including ours.

Included in our 2022-23 strategy is:
  1. Take the gospel to intermediate distant countries such as Dominican Republic.
    Our plan is to identify specific churches to assist and to conduct evangelistic activity with them and to train them in various ministries including leadership and evangelism. A trip of this sort will accommodate many with various skills who can spend a week away.

  2. Take the gospel to under-engaged American cities.
    We will work with specific churches to help them gain greater stability and to do evangelistic work in their neighborhoods. We want our teams to value the inner city and to grasp how to best reach Americans who are somewhat indifferent to the gospel. We want our teams to reach the diversity of the city and to discover ways to implement this here on Long Island. Trips of this nature are inexpensive and can be done in a weekend or up to a whole week.

  3. Take the gospel to those who have never heard it before.
    As we look to the future of missions at Living Faith, we are considering areas which the gospel has not taken root. We are looking to find unreached or underreached groups of people and assess how we as a church can build partnerships with missionaries and local churches to bring the Good News of Jesus to these places where the name of Jesus is rarely heard, if heard at all.

  4. Take the gospel to Metro NYC.
    We have many missionaries working in this area and we will choose environments where we can best use our skills and seek ways to learn how we can put this learning experience into use here on the South Shore and other parts of the Island. Most members and attendees will be able to participate in these short event based trips.

  5. Take the gospel to Oyster Bay and our Ministry Center location towns.
    We will seek ways to implement the things we learn on mission trips beyond our towns. We plan to become a dominate force in engaging our community through events, community projects, partnering with town leaders, and conducting services that people need. We want to engage everyone in our towns.

  6. Take the gospel to Your Neighborhood.
    Through personal and corporate discovery we will use our mission trips to soften our hearts to the needs of our community and to instruct us in ways we can effectively be used of God to transform lives for His glory.