"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." ... Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."  Ephesians 6:18


June Reitmeier - Praise God for His goodness to us! Amen.

Libby Baron - Praising God daily.

Stacy Bianco - Praise for God's answered prayers over this past month.

Marjolie Sanders - Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Pray for the people of Ukraine.


James McLean - Please pray for healing for my granddaughter Eva, she has a respiratory infection, a very bad cough and can't breathe well.

Robert Nardelli - Please pray for my friends Gretchen & Joan.

John - Pray my son Caleb gets into the college of his choice and that he will always place God first over all things.

Robert Valentine - Pray for protection from evil.

Monica Lanning - Please pray for my 21-year-old niece Sydney, recently diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm.

Debra Lutz - Please pray for me & my husband Bob, we are both fighting a virus (not Covid) but are still very uncomfortable. Thank you.

Delores French - Please pray for my family.

Norma Bowen - I am asking for prayer as I am in the first-time homeownership process.

Joan Provenzano - I am having knee replacement surgery on 9/21/22.

Anthony Romano - Salvation for my family.

Marjolie Sanders - Please pray for my students to be more diligent in their studies.

Laura Napolitano - Praying for self-confidence.

Eileen Colahan - Please pray I will find a job and also for my breathing problems.

Andrew Frasson - A friend's Mom (Emily) has been hospitalized for 3 months and her kidneys are beginning to fail. Please pray for healing for her and peace for Mike and his family.

Roni Werner - Pray for me and my sons.

Agnes Biesty - My son Timothy is having surgery on Thursday, please pray for his recovery. Update: I asked for prayer for my son Timothy last week, he had surgery and God healed him and kept him safe. We serve an awesome God, thanks for your prayers.

Hector Roman - Please pray for complete healing for my cousin Elsie. Thank you.

Charles Carrillo - A friend of ours is recovering from cancer surgery.

Kenneth Balmer - So thankful for Living Faith and how God is using the church to transform lives. Thankful for God's grace and mercy in my life and in the lives of the people close to me. Thank you to everyone at Living Faith, blessings to you all.

Linda Crispell - Prayer for my grandson starting a new job.

Susan Viscusi - Praying for healing from Covid for my parents, John & me.

Melissa Pacchiana - Please pray for my sister Beth, she is in the hospital with a bad leg infection. She is a strong believer. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and that she will not be in too much pain.

Josephine Guerrier - My daughter Hillary will be taking the nursing test (NCLEX) next month. Please pray for her so she can start working as a nurse.

Ivette Alvarado - Prayer for Robert who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Norma Bowen - Praying for a safe school year for my children, myself (teacher) and all the kids. 

Rose Ruggero - Pray, I will pass my driving test. Thank You.

Amanda Passarella - Please pray for God's salvation for Debbie, Father Larry & Isabell.

Barbara Scimeca - Please pray for healing and recovery for my husband Robert, he is in rehab and his toes have been amputated.

Donna Falta - Please pray for 6-year-old Donnie, receiving chemo and radiation for brain tumors.

Kathryn Geiss - Prayers for the healing of my heart and my physical body.

Luann Pollizzotto - My husband Jeff has been diagnosed with lung cancer (Mesothelioma), please pray for healing and direction.

Linda Crispell - Continued prayer for the construction of my apartment.

Sergine Trazile - Please continue to pray for me and my family.

Jairo Taveras - Praying for future plans, direction and spiritual life.

Norma Bowen - Prayers for a safe school year for both my daughters and myself.

Alec Ostrager - Requesting prayer for my friend and his family, he just lost his Mom.

David Francis - Giving thanks for the sanctuary of LFCC.

Helena Nagel - Pray for the health and safety of our twins during pregnancy and beyond. Also, that my sister and her kids will be able to move back home where they have support during her difficult divorce.


RoseAnn Castello - Please pray for healing for Frank, he suffered a major stroke after heart surgery.

Grace McKenna - Please pray for my grandson Trevor (26) he has been in a wheelchair all his life and is unable to walk or talk with the mind of an 8-year-old. He has been admitted to the hospital in intensive care. Our whole family needs prayer.

Roni Werner - Asking for prayer as I am having some testing on 8/30/22.

Laura Napolitano - Prayers for peace.

Anthony Romano - Prayer to remain faithful and forgiveness.

Stacy Bianco - Prayer for clarity about a big job decision and strength through a life change. 

Alec Ostrager - Please pray for healing for my co-worker who has Covid. 

Roni Werner - Please pray for my friend and her family.

Yudy Vanegas - Praying for the new school year.

Adriana Cisneros - Pray for peace and direction in my life.

Sergine Trazile - Pray for me, I really need it. 

Mike Ford - Pray for revival.

Jairo Taveras - Please pray for me in my struggles with a breakup, praying for direction.

Nick Stavrinos - Please pray for my son Nico who we dropped off at college. Pray he will grow closer to Christ.

Richard Portillo - Praying for strength.

Eileen Colahan - Please pray for me, I am having trouble with an upper respiratory infection.

Rosangela Mendonca - Pray for us.

Laura Blanco - Prayer for my family.

Judi Sorrentino - Please pray that I allow God to use me where He needs me.

Brandon Phillips - Salvation for Nicola and her family.

Debbie Sciame - Please pray for my niece & nephews who lost their Mom.

Saveria Amandola - Please pray for John.

Carol-Ann Cairo - Please pray that I get into the PTA program for Fall 2023.