And over all these virtues put love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.  Colossians 3:14

Praise for taking us through this time of covid and for the church being opened.
Donna Falta - Praise for my sister's response to her cancer.  She is not completely healed but a great response to her treatment.  Thank you for your prayers. Praise for being able to attend services each week.  Thankful for the faithfulness of all the Pastors and their commitment to all they do for the cause of Christ.

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

John Schnabel - Please pray for my wife, Ginning who is recovering from a stroke & is in physical therapy. Pray for her to regain strength on her left side.

Brooke Carpenter - Comfort & peace for my grandmother who is wheelchair bound. She suffered a concussion, had stitches the past few weeks and has dementia. Pray for her healing.

Diane Bacheller - Pray for the Goldberg family who have been affected by Covid. Pray for Sheldon who is in ICU on a ventilator. Pray for a miraculous healing. Thank you

Jeanette Passarella - Please pray for my boss, Kevin who is hospitalized with Pulmonary Fibrosis & in need of a lung transplant. Pray that he would be moved up the transplant list. Salvation for Kevin & his brother Jim. Thank you

Roni Werner - Please pray for my cat who woke up today with paralysis in his front legs this morning. Also, need prayers for financial security and a new home. Thank you and God Bless

Annamarie Villani - Please pray for Linda who is on a ventilator trying to recover from covid.

Susan Grimaldi - Pray for Alex to recover from Covid as well as for Stephanie and her baby.

Ann Scott - Prayer for my friend Magaly who has to wear a heart monitor. Her doctor is not pleased with the results. She needs to exercise moderately & for family issues. Thank you

Thomas Connolly - Pray for travel mercies as we drive & move down to Florida.

Ilda Larose - Thanks for your prayers. Continue to keep my siblings in prayer for peace. Also, for both my daughters & myself to keep serving God. God bless.

Jason Hildebrand - Lord, I pray that our relationship be built on a solid foundation & that we would know Christ's love for us. That we would continue to glorify God in all we do.

Lois Flood - Please pray for Keith's salvation & that he would receive the emergency heart transplant that he needs. Thank you

Bernadette Hoffman - I am undergoing total shoulder replacement on March, 22nd. Pray for all to go well & that I am ok with painkillers.

Carol Pernice - Continued prayers for Gina and Anthony.

Sarah Fiore - Please pray for Mart who is in the hospital with Covid. Thank you

Kim Gonzalez - Please pray for me to be a vessel for God to bring healing to others. Give me strength.

Rita Fragiacomo - Prayers for my nephew Chris with advanced renal cell carcinoma. Also, for my niece, Connie undergoing open heart/aortic valve transplant on 3/16 & my friend, William who has the same surgery on the same day. For my sister Donna who is in stage 3 heart failure.

Diane Bacheller - Please pray for friend Sheldon's recovery from covid He is a 49yr. old father of & is currently on a ventilator & ecmo machine in ICU. His condition is serious

Roni Werner - Thank you Lord God for healing my cat after a stroke. Thank you so very much for answering my prayers.

Diane Smith Paul - For peace to prevail in the world. Also for the very ill to be healed. Healing for my congestion in my chest & for breathing. Also, for the Lord to watch over the Pastors & Staff.

Joan Marchant - Prayer for my sister, Janice for healing for her liver & altered mental state related to it. Please guide & direct those that are caring for her to keep her safe.

Ron & Ann Burns - Prayer for family salvation.

Peggy Walters - Prayer for healing from injuries after an accident and sustained a brain bleed a concussion.

John & Saveria Amandola - Salvation for all unsaved blood relatives.

Karen Cunningham - My 37 yr. old son, Eric has been ill for a year & needs prayer for better health and healing. He is father to a 6yr old.

Roni Werner - Prayer for my sister-in-Christ, Maggie. May the Lord heal her belly & that her test results will come good.

Charlotte Mohlin - Prayers for a longtime friend, Ricky to recover from a stroke & for our son, John who is unable to work due to health issues.

Charles Smith - Salvation for Kathy & son, Bryan and husband, Ray.

Ilda Larose - Continued prayer for Larose and Valeus family.

Agnes Biesty - Prayer for Kate for healing from constant back pain & depression. Prayer for healing myself from back pain as well.

Robert Valentine - Please pray for my sister Patricia who is in a nursing home. She wants to be discharged but is having trouble standing without assistance. Thank you

Carol Pernice - Prayer for Gina and Anthony, my brother Phil and for me for healing from a cyst on my breast.

Lorraine Sirgany - Please pray for my brother Joe and his wife Cindee as they suffer with Covid the past 2 weeks. Pray for strength, healing & to come back to good health.

Elaine Jansen - Prayer for Colleen for healing and salvation.

Lori Roach - Salvation for daughters, Nicole & Danielle.

Mary Berju - Pray for my brother John as his cancer has returned. He also has COPD & other medical issues. Pray for his wife who struggles with Alzheimers. Please pray for the salvation of all our loved ones. Thank you

Joan Provenzano - Please pray for my children & grandchildren who are all lost. Pray for healing of our relationships.

Dennis Ruden - Please pray for my wife Louise as she is in rehab. Pray for our country.  Thank you

Jennifer Aguiar - To be connected with God again. Our Lord is faithfully working.  I thank God everyday, even in the battles & lessons.

Mercedes Guerieri - Prayer for my Aunt Mary who is in ICU due to a stroke a week ago and not has pneumonia.

Paula Yelland - Pray for my dad, Mark who is in the ICU with sepsis, pneumonia & test positive for Covid.  Pray that I can get to Ireland to see him.  Thank you

Elisa Salmaggi - Please pray for good health and healing for the members of my family that are struggling with Cancer, COVID and illness as there are many. Please give them the strength they need to get through this.

Jeannie Olivo - Please pray for my father, Victor who is currently in ICU with double pneumonia.

Elaine Lauricella - Please pray for healing for my son, Jody who sustained an injury due to a fall.

Evette Carasquillo -  Prayer for Jane who has a cancer concern and Camille, a stroke survivor who is partially paralyzed & 2 brain bleeds.  She is currently in a coma.  Praying for these two amazing women and comfort for the families & friends.