"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." ... Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."  Ephesians 6:18


Ilda Larose - Thank you for your prayers, my daughter is home from Egypt.
Roni Werner - Glory to God for keeping my family and brothers & sisters in Christ moving forward in positive ways. Thank the Lord for His blessings & kindness.
Donna Falta - Praise God for the special messages each week , always directing us to Jesus and how he cares for us all.
Michael Ford - Praise God! We're so blessed to be back together in Worship.

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


Christine Kwarren - Surgery 8/3/21 - Pray for the entire surgical team, floor staff and my family. Pray for everything to go smoothly, for a quick recovery and that I may have an opportunity to share the gospel. 

Patti Hiller - Pray for healing for my back after epidural shots. Pray for Frank (Anxiety), Joseph (Struggling), Jared & Erin (To Thrive), Rose (Peace), Joe (Faith), Paul & Family (Blessings), Jimmy (Parkinson's), Agnes (Knees) and for the end of Covid.

Michael Garcia - Pray for strength, encouragement and healing for Jeff who is battling cancer.  He is currently getting a second opinion. Pray for strength for his family.

Ilda Larose - Pray for safety for Tanesha. Unspoken prayer for Steve. 

Kenneth Alger - Pray for salvation for Marie who has cancer. Pray for strength and that she will be free from pain.

Donna Kohler - Pray for safety for my nephew, Ryan. He is a USMC helicopter pilot. 

Charles Smith - Salvation and protection for Kathy, Ray Sr., Ray Jr., Bryan & Genesis.

Ketty Fernandez - Continued prayer for Hugo who is undergoing treatment for leukemia. Thankful he is home after being in the hospital for a month. 

Gary Binford - Salvation for Roberta, Monica, Walt, VJ, Leola, Fallon, Mike, Chris and Jeff.

Dennis Ruden - Please pray for Louise, she is in constant pain.


Susan Grimaldi - Unspoken prayer for Joseph.

Barbara Sanicola - Prayer for my niece, Barbara Jean, for healing and strength as she goes through chemo treatment.

Aida Rivera - Urgent prayer request for healing from cancer for Consuelo. Also, healing for Edwin, who was hit by a car and suffered a broken right leg and crushed hand.

Charles Smith - Salvation for Genesis, Christina, Aderanna & Selena.

Kevin Mandart -  Pray the Lord will be sovereign over my 3 children. Also, that I will be on fire for the Lord.

Ilene LoCastro-Russo - Pray for Harold, he is having 2 heart procedures this week. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Harold. 

Ilda Larose - Please pray for safety for my daughter Ashley as she is vacationing in Egypt. 

Gary Binford - Salvation for Walt, Valita, VJ, Monica, Chris, Mike, Leola, Jeff and Rita.

Lorraine Sirgany - Continue praying for Gloria for comfort & peace.

Carol Pernice - Pray for Phil who has several health issues.

Ben Nocella - Please pray for me as I have been struggling emotionally with anger & frustration.

Janet Luisi - Pray for Diane for the loss of her son. Also, for Robert and family for the loss of his son.

Ketty Fernandez - Pray for Hugo, he has been diagnosed with leukemia and is receiving treatment.

Peter Tomasino - Pray for healing from liver and pancreatic cancer.

Dawn Martin - Pray for healing for Eve (broken hip). Also, salvation for Peter and Eve. 

Indramie Lal - Pray for peace & comfort for Angela. Her husband passed away 7/18/21.

Sandy Margulis - Pray for adult son Dylan with autism. He lives out of state in a residential facility and is in danger of losing placement.

Susan Grimaldi - Pray for Lisa who has constant ringing in her ears and severe dizziness.  Also, Donna and Jane for hip replacement.

Roni Werner - Lord God, please help me & my friends, sisters and brothers in Christ. Lord help them through their struggling times, job loss, health problems, anxiety/financial troubles. Lord God help & protect my sons.

Traci Miller - Pray for healing for Nella who has cancer and other health issues.

Andy & Diane Dupas - Please pray for our friend Dorothy, who is 108, she lives home and is tired. Her prayer is to go home and meet the Lord.  

Robert D'Ambrosio - Please pray for healing for my daughter, Victoria.  Also, for my other daughters Cheryll & Amanda, my wife Angela, granddaughter Katja, my parents, brother & sister and myself.

Nancy Carmen - Please pray for a full time employment opportunity for me.

Jessenia Soundias - Please pray for my mom Mariela as her left arm is paralyzed after surgery and she is in tremendous pain.

Donna Lauria - Equip my daughter to do well on her teacher job interview this Wednesday. Pray for Gods will.

Cliff Molinelli - Please pray for my friend Roy F. who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as well as his salvation.

Carol Pernice - Pray for Chris (Serious Health Issue) and Gina, Anthony and their families.

Ange Aristilde - Prayer for Haiti after an upheaval in the country. Pray for the Moise family during this conflict.

Carol Schifilitti - Please pray for me as my back pain which PT is not helping. I need to be well to help my 93yr old mom. Please pray for my best friend undergoing breast cancer surgery on Tuesday.

Iris Dozier - Prayer for healing of my grandson, Charlie who is seriously ill.

Joseph Ragolia - Please pray for my family members who have Covid and are struggling with it.  Especially for my mom & aunt who are hospitalized.