"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." ... Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."  Ephesians 6:18


Sue Broadhurst - Thank you for all your prayers. I'm doing so much better.

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Pray for the people of Ukraine.
Pray for our Pastoral Search.


Andrew Antonawich - Prayer for the loss of Auntie Marion now in heaven.

Noel Natal - Please continue to pray for my daughter Erin; she has severe back pain that the doctor can't diagnose.

Lois Staffa - Prayers for my son Jason.

Linda Crispell - Pray for answers for my daughter Debbie having tests done for high blood pressure.

Juan Munoz - Prayer for our daughter Andrea.

LaVonne Brown - Healing for my Dad, strength for my Mom.

Nicholas Stavrinos - My 74-year-old mother broke her arm in two places and needs surgery. Please pray for healing and comfort for Despina.

Eileen Colahan - I am feeling very sad, my husband passed away last year, and we would have celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on 5/21/23. Also, praying for Pastor Steve.

Philip Coglietta - My brother-in-law's wife passed away and he is very depressed.

Millie Tommasulo - Thank you for your prayers for my husband Tony, the pain he has been having continues to improve.

Delores French - Prayer for my children as they are graduating from college and starting new careers.

Jimmy Roschilla - Please pray for my daughter Jessica and my family.

Harvey Kirschner - We need prayer.

Debra Lutz - Pray for healing from a hip injury for my daughter-in-law Megan.

Etson Bazile - Pray for our family.

Stephen O'Brien - Pray for Gina's recovery from surgery.

Michael Ford - Healing for my right shoulder.

Joan Provenzano - Peace in our broken world and prayer for my children and grandchildren.

Susan Viscusi - Continued prayers for healing and strength for my parents James & Kathryn.

Ruth Flores - Isaiah is still missing. Please pray for his family and that he will be brought home.

Laura Napolitano - Pray for Ray and his family and for my daughter.

Jairo Taveras - Direction and plans.

Monica Lanning - Prayer for multiple family and friends struggling with health issues, for me to stand firm in my faith and not be swallowed up by distraction. I need patience and understanding.

Cathy Collins - Please pray for my parents Anthony & Lorraine.

Susan Yurcak - Please pray for salvation for my children Brittney, Steven & Bobby.

David Francis - Pray that I will continue to serve Him with my whole heart.

Michael Garcia - Please pray for Nancy having surgery.

Pat Hollweg - Please pray for my family, they are all unsaved.

Donna Fiore - I need God's blessings.

Gary Binford - Salvation for Will, Ena, Walt, Valita, VJ, Rowie and Cyrus and Bibi. Also, spiritual growth for Monica.

Brigida Goicochea - Prayer that my children, sister and brothers will come to Christ.

Lynn Arbucci - Prayer for my daughter Laura, currently in a voluntary mental facility in GA.

Monica Serrato - Prayer for my family; we need peace and love and may be evicted.

Charles Carrillo - I want to thank everyone for their prayers for my brother-in-law, he has completed his treatment and the doctors say his bone cancer is undetectable. Praise the Lord!

Edward Lewis - I just wanted to thank you for all the prayers for Noah's surgery. All went well.

Alan Klimaszewski - Pray for Gail, who has cancer.

Jim Iannazzo - Salvation for my cousin Genevieve.

Susan Viscusi - Continued prayers of healing and strength for my parents.

Jairo Taveras - Plans and direction.

Iris Smith - I am requesting healing prayers for my Mom as she recovers from her stroke.

Ruth Flores - Isaiah is still missing, please pray for his family. 

Hazel Palmada - Prayer for my family and my health.

Holly Logrono - Please pray for my job interview with the police department on 4/25/23. Also, my brother Keith suddenly passed away. 

Christopher Moy - Pray for healing from pancreatic cancer for Steve.

Rob Valentine - Please pray for my anxiety after this divorce.


Jeanette Passarella - Please pray for God's healing and comfort for Karen diagnosed with cancer that has spread to her lungs. She is experiencing bad side effects. 

Roni Werner - I have some random things going on please pray for me.

Joann Lentini - Pray for Pastor Steve to heal and feel well again with no more issues or complications. God help and bless him.

Diane Bacheller - Please pray for God's protection and direction in my life and my children's lives.

Christopher Moy - Pray for my friend Steve diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Ron Zeccardi - My prayer is that my children accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Iris Smith - Continued healing for my mom from her stroke and prayers for my family.

Cathy Collins - Please pray for my parents Anthony & Lorraine.

Iris Dozier - Andy's sister passed away; please pray for our family.

Katy Mansueto - Please pray for Jeremy in the hospital with a possible heart attack.

Agnas Biesty - Prayers for Patti's healing and her family. 

Ruth Flores - My friend's nephew Isaiah is still missing. Please pray for him and his family.

Joan Provenzano - Continued prayers for my children & grandchildren.

Hazel Palmada - Please pray for a friend's nephew, Isaiah, who has been missing since last Saturday from Brentwood. 

Anthony Romano - Salvation for my family.

Debra Lutz - Safe travels for Debbie as she travels to Tucson and San Diego to visit with an aunt and a friend and to be a good witness of the love of Christ.

Jim Iannazzo - Pray for my nephew and my family's salvation.