"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." ... Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."  Ephesians 6:18


I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. Psalm 69:30

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Pray for the people of Ukraine.


Dan Clanton - My Mom, Cecilia,  is hospitalized for Covid. Please pray for her, she is 86 and has dementia.

Rachel Schifilliti - Please pray for healing for Chris, he suffered a brain aneurysm and is in critical condition in ICU. Praying he will make a full recovery and peace for the family. 

Sharron Rossi - Please pray for our pastoral staff and for Miquel (dementia), Mara (Parkinson's), Nancy (stroke), Nelson (aging), Craig & Melissa (Covid), Pamela (stress, depression), Vanessa (stress, finances), Jason (Aspergers, Autism), Louise (bi-polar), Brian (spine surgery) and Sharon (heart attack).

Gary Binford - Salvation for Jeff, Blue, Donna, Dan Walt, Valita, VJ and Monica. Also, pray for our nation and for blessings for Kandiss on Tuesday. 

Dennis Ruden - Please pray for my wife Louise, she has so much pain, anxiety & fear. She fears dying every day.

Karen Hargrove - Please pray for my husband Ron.

Marie Piccinno - Pray for relief from anxiety & stress for Annette and for Sally, struggling with her mental health and issues with her family.

Church Office - Please pray for Amanda as she will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic on May 15, 2022. She is asking for strength, wisdom, clarity, healing and traveling mercies but mostly God's perfect will. Please also pray for her sister Jeanette who will be traveling with her. She is hoping for many opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

Charles Smith - Please pray for my many health issues.

Church Office - Gabby called and asked for prayer because of her many health issues.  She is struggling with tinnitus, CRPS and digestive issues (Gastroparesif). Also, anxiety because of all of it. Please pray for healing.

Tom Starala - Please pray for my son's safe return from deployment and that he and his wife will be able to have a baby.

Rita Fragiacomo - Please pray for healing from a rib injury.

Joanne Colquhoun - Please pray for Deidre, she will be having surgery for a cyst on her spine. 

Carol Pernice - Please pray that Phil will be more understanding. Also, for World Peace.

Bernadette Hoffman - Please pray for Henry who is in the hospital due to a fungal infection of the heart. It is not responding to medication so surgery may be required.

Alan Klimaszeski - My Mother's heart valve replacement and pacemaker surgeries went well. Please pray for healing.

Lois Flood - Continued prayer for Tripp, a 4-year-old who fell in the swimming pool back in November. He is currently undergoing hyperbaric treatment in another state. The treatment is not covered by insurance but the Lord has made a way. Please pray for the rest of the family. Also, for salvation, healing and peace for Patty, whose cancer has metastasized to her bone & liver after being cancer-free for 25 years.

Carol Pernice - Continued prayer for my brother Phil as he adjusts to the nursing home. Thank You.

Kevin Mandart - Keep me centered and remove my anger, fear & doubt. Be sovereign over Joseph, Heidi, & Jake. Amen.

Ann Lauricella - Please pray for Virginia (health & safety), Aidan (direction with college & safety) and Rob (a better job). Also, for me and that conflicts are resolved. 

LeChan McKay - Please pray for a safe place for me to live, for deliverance from the storms I am facing, for a Godly husband, for help with my monthly bills and a car, to bear a son and to flee all unrighteousness. 


Maria Piccinno - Please pray for Anna, Amanda & Jenna on the passing of Steve, for Annette who is having difficulties with work and personal issues and for Cathy & her family on the passing of John.

Coleen Smith - Please pray for strength for my family as my father's cancer is taking over.

Kathy Campbell - Please pray for salvation and healing of cancer for Kellie who has an inoperable brain tumor. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes.

Maryjean Caputo - Please pray for healing for Billy from 9/11-related colon cancer.

Alan Klimaszewski - Please pray for my Mom as she is having transcatheter aortic valve replacement surgery on 4/28/22.

Coleen Smith - Please pray for peace for my father as it looks like he only has days left here on this earth.

Kevin Mandart - Be sovereign over my children. Bring me closer and slow me down so I will listen to you. 

Carol Pernice - Please pray for my brother Phil, that he will not be so stubborn and that he will adjust to his new living conditions.

Ed Rijos - Please pray for Michael & Simon's spiritual life as well as peace, health & well-being for both of them.

Barbara Labriola - Please pray for Daniel, diagnosed with many physical issues, for healing for my migraines, that Joe will have a closer walk with God and stop smoking and for my grandson Jack, for a desire to know Christ.

Ann Lauricella - Please continue to pray for my mom (safety, health & an aide). Also, for my husband to find a better-paying job. 

Coleen Smith - Pray for strength for my family as we lost my mother to cancer last year and now my father has terminal cancer.

Diane Rosen - Please pray for my sister Laraine, may she be embraced by love and be at peace.

Roni Werner - Thank you for praying for Justus, he is doing much better! Please continue to pray for his strength. Also, pray my fibromyalgia flares will go away. Thank You. 

Corine Lapinskas - Please pray that my family can find affordable housing.

MaryAnn Weeks - Please pray for Larraine, she is in the hospital on a respirator, not conscious, for the last 3 weeks. 

Gary Binford - Salvation for Monica, Walt, Valita, Vijaya, Leola, Jeff, Karen & Kathy.

Victoria Giarrapoto - We are coming up on the anniversary of our son's death on April 18th. It is very difficult for us. We ask that you pray for us. Thank You.