I prayed to the LORD, and he answered me.  He freed me from all my fears. - Psalm 34:4

Praise the Lord for the re-opening of Living Faith!
Praise & Thanks for LFCC Youth Ministry
Amanda Passarella - Praise God for Marty (who we prayed for) is cancer-free!

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders
Pray that we would use Godly judgement and discernment at the upcoming elections
Pray for the Christian church as well as Living Faith.

Christina Canzoneri - Prayers for the health of my daughter’s fiancé Billy who is having medical issues and is testing for thyroid disorders.

Susan Grimaldi - Prayer for Hannah S. with childhood leukemia and another round of chemo. Prayer for Matthew & Toni Ann for healing from cancer, Theresa (ulcerated colitis). Praise for Lauren giving birth on 9/7/2020. Thank you for your prayers on my 4th operation on my leg. I am recovering.

Amanda Passarella - Continue to pray for Jeanette to be a witness to her friends.

Ileana Betancourt - Please pray for Susan, a young mother suffering from a pulmonary issue.

Ileana Betancourt - Pray for Hailey who is waiting for a heart transplant. She is suffering from congestive heart failure.

Roni Werner - Please pray for healing of tooth and ear pain...not sure where the issue is... Thank you so very much.

James Schmachtenberg - Prayer for the family of a co-worker, John and Maria, whose newborn daughter Karina is requiring at least two open heart surgeries.

Susan Grimaldi - Prayer for Mathew M, Toniann, Joyce H, Lisa Grimaldi and Joan T.

Ken Alger - Pray for my family for healing health problems. God is Great!

Chis & Peggy Walters - Continued prayer for the finding of a Covid-19 vaccine. Pray for our world leaders to make smart decisions.

Kim McLaurin - Please pray for people to love one another despite their differences in opinion.

Bill Berju - John's his wife Joann was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. Our small group is praying for Joann but we know the more people raising their voices to the heavens is what we need to have a miracle for Joann.

Samuel S. Chan - World peace and an end to Covid-19.

Ron & Charlotte Mohlin - Our prayer is for Phyllis & Rich and Pastor Bob for protection from the virus. Also, for our son John for relief from headaches so that he can go back to work.

Carolann Pernice - Prayer to soften Anthony's heart, my children and grandchildren, Albert to be called to work.

Jeanette Passarella - Please pray healing for Margie who is hospitalized with pneumonia, feeding tube, and a mass in her throat. Pray salvation & God's will for her & her niece, Jamie. Salvation for Patty and Ron, my family and everyone at work.

George Guerierri - Prayer for Tom O. He has a lack of oxygen going to his heart.

Mercedes Guerierri - Asking prayer for our friend Lance R. He has developed Bell’s palsy.

Susan Grimaldi - Prayer for the stitches in my thigh to heal. Pray for Joan T. for healing from back problems.

Traci Miller - Pray for Liz and Ray for peace in the household. Also, pray for Paul.

Jeanette Passarella - Continued prayer for Margie's salvation & healing. She remains in the hospital with a feeding tube, has pneumonia & a chest tube. All things are possible with God! Pray for salvation and comfort for Jamie and the family.

Ilda Larose - Pray for the world to safe even though we know that God is in control.

Eileen Colahan - Continued healing for John's eyes from cataracts.

Maryann Guzman - Please pray for healing & strength for my nephew Christopher who is undergoing an amputation of his leg due to cancer.

Ilda Larose - Continued prayer for the world to be safe.

Eileen Colahan - For my job situation and a job for John. Also, that I may breathe better.

Charmaine Handy - Pray for my sister, Pauline to be healed from cancer. Pray that I find healing after my husband's passing from covid.

Kathy Campbell - ILONA is doing amazingly well. She finished her radiation treatment to the brain today. She has told me she is blessed and thankful. She will follow up at N.S. Oncology Thursday. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for your prayers.

Susan Grimaldi - Prayer for Diane O & Theresa S.