"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." ... Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."  Ephesians 6:18


Hadassah Silva - My son Basil is finally home after spending 3 months in the hospital! Praise God!

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Pray for the people of Ukraine.


Church Office - Please pray for Pastor Steve.

Lilia Gallagher - Healing prayers for a friend. Amen.

Susan Viscusi - Continued prayers for my parents, James and Kathryn and for my nephew, Jack having knee surgery.

Susan Trocchia - Pray for my grandkids to know and love Jesus.

Cathy Collins - Please pray for my parents, Lorraine and Anthony.

Vincent Migliore - Please pray for my Dad, Tony, who had a stroke. 


Church Office - Pray for Pastor Steve.

Anthony Romano - Salvation for everyone.

Glenn Connors - Continue to pray for the restoration of my knees. I had gel injections and am praying for additional healing. Also, my granddaughter will be delivered on 12/5/23; God be with Ryan, Nicole and Landon. God Bless.

Christopher Bayley - Prayer to hear from God regarding who to marry and His will for my life, for unsaved family members' salvation, for financial stability, healing for myself and family members and salvation for friends.

Monica Lanning - Continued prayers for my niece Sydney and my sister Barbara, both recovering from brain surgery, my mom and her dementia, all those suffering who have yet to find Jesus or have stepped off their faith path. Prayers for world peace.

Roni Werner - Please pray for great health and healing with no pain for my landlord, my two sons and Pam who hurt her back. I'm so grateful and thankful for God's grace.

Karen McCurry - Please pray for my nephew Ron and his wife Shanneth; their 1st baby is due any day. Thank you.

Pat DiMassi - Prayer request for Jessica, diagnosed with aggressive cancer, undergoing tests before chemo.

Wilma Harvey - Please continue praying for my health.

Jim Iannazzo - Salvation for my niece and nephew.

Roni Werner - Praying for my children and praising God and blessing Rob, thank you! God bless you and yours always.

Anonymous Prayers - Pray for my God-glorifying marriage, for Hazels' healing and successful surgery on her pancreas, salvation for Wesley, for Eddy's vindication and for Cynthia's marriage. Pray for my husband, that he remains safe on the job, for peace in Israel and understanding to all people, healing for Diane, Dolores and Roberto. For my walk with God (more of Him, less of me), Healing for Lucy from cancer and for the Living Faith Revival Center Ghana Missions. A successful surgery for Ingrid. Prayer for Bob's COPD. For spiritual guidance. Prayer for the many sick people. For wisdom & provision as we raise our family in the Lord.Prayer for Stev, Theresa and Rob. Prayer for Maureen's medicine, salvation and protection for family members, and Jean and Sue's surgery.

Rick Estrada - Please pray that I could be used as a soul winner on Long Island and that God would take care of me financially.

Millie Natal - Pray for my sister Lucy's health.

Maryjean Caputo - Pray for Israel and Pastor Steve.

Carol Deyette - Prayer for Stella with ovarian cancer and Billy in a nursing home.

Arlene Klein - Prayer for a spiritual life partner.

Judith Sorrentino - Prayer of thanksgiving for my life given to me by God.

Eileen Colahan - I need healing for my lung.

Ana Deluca Karasu - Please pray for my daughter, Julia.

Janet Luisi - Pray for my husband and sons to trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Jennifer Milone-Tock - Prayer for my children Madison, Aidan and Noah.

Kenny Tomasino - Praying 7 days a week, my heart is good and I'm healthy, Praise God.

Gary Binford - Salvation for Naomi & husband, Monica, Walt, Valita, VJ, Rowie and Chris.

Susan Viscusi - Continued prayers for my parents, James & Kathryn.

Camille Campo - My father and I were in a car accident; he is 94 years old and in a lot of pain in his knee and ribs. Please pray for his healing and comfort. 

Carol Pernice - Prayer for the Pernice Family, Crawford family and the world.

Stephen O'Brien - Pray for Gina and my recovery after surgery.

Jennifer Capobianco - Prayer for my sons.

Patrick Mendonca - Praying for intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Joan Provenzano - Prayers for my children and grandchildren.

Linda Crispell - Prayers for a new doctor I will be seeing on Wednesday for my autoimmune disease.

Ruth Flores - Pray for my parents, Jasel, my student who is missing and for Amir's family as he lost his life in a hit-and-run accident.

Christopher Schultze - Praying for healing for me as I am struggling with cellulitis in my leg.

Iris Smith - Continue to pray for peace for all.

James Perez - Pray for our son Jonathan.

Delores French - Prayer for the healing of Eugene and Darrin.