"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." ... Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere."  Ephesians 6:18


Eileen Colahan - Thankful that my breathing is getting better.

Judi Sorrentino - Thankful to God for Life!

Pray for our country, President and governing leaders 
Pray for the Church as well as for Living Faith Christian Church.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 
Pray for the people of Ukraine.


Joanne Lentini - Prayer for my daughter Jacqueline with severe MS and my son, her caregiver, Matthew.

Anonymous Prayers - 1) Healing for my husband, Tony diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to the liver. 2) Prayer for my daughter Christina's financial needs and that she can stay in her apartment. Also, for wisdom and guidance for me. 3) Prayer for Theresa, her son passed away, she has health issues and was newly diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. 4) for God's will during home renovation. 5) Prayer for Barbara in ICU with kidney issues. 6) Salvation for Jonathan. 7) God please guide me to continue college and provide finances to pay for it. 8) Pray that my children will want to have a relationship with their mother. 9) Pray for Maureen to find affordable housing. 10) Pray for Sue and Karen grieving the loss of their Moms.11) For my back and head pain that has become unbearable. 12) Peace for Solange. 13)Prayer for a young woman, pregnant and having difficulties with the father, housing, fear and doubt. 14) For Mikey fighting tick bites and swollen lymph nodes. 15) Carol fighting cancer. 16) Robyn in a coma. 17) Peace for Peter G and he'll continue to follow the Lord. 18) Salvation for Luis and family. 19) Chase has anger issues. 20) Prayer for Suzane in the hospital. 21) Sue for breast cancer. 22) For growth.

Nick Stavrinos - Please pray for Katie who has been wrongly jailed in Virginia for over 10 years. She has 3 children and a husband. Her family filed paperwork for Clemency to Governor Youngkin and are eagerly anticipating and praying for her release.

Monica Lanning - Prayers for my mom Barbara, as her dementia progresses. Healing prayers for my sister, Barbara as she continues to struggle with her healing from her last aneurysm surgery.

Stephen O'Brien - Continued post-surgery recovery for Gina.

Jennifer Capobianco - Please pray that my sons find their peace and happiness.

Susan Viscusi -  Continued prayers of healing for my mother Kathryn and father-in-law John - both will be having MRIs Thursday and Friday, prayers for healing and answers.

Iris Smith - Healing and Peace for all. 

Robert Dockweiler - Please pray for my wife

Christopher Bayley - Healing for my left ankle and lower back, my brother Carlos and Nicholas’s salvation, God’s direction financially, Wisdom and for God to reveal His will for my life. 

James Schmachtenberg - Prayer for Kristen.

Michael Ford - Pray that my 3rd surgery on my right shoulder is a success this Wednesday the 16th.

Noel Natal - Please keep my daughter Erin and son Jon in prayer.

Susan Viscusi - Prayer for my Dad who is having a back procedure on 5/8/24 and for my Mom who will be starting dialysis this summer.

Carol Walker - Pray for Felipe who is having spine surgery.

Gary Binford - Healing for Ed. Salvation for Isabel, VJ, Rowie, Chris, Monica, Paula, Walt and Valita.

Christopher Schultze - Prayer for healing for my daughter and friend who lost a loving pet. 

Carol Deyette - Pray for my health.

Lee Schultz - Health


Judi Sorrentino - Asking and thanking God for His will to be done by me and through Him in my life.

Arlene Klein - Prayer for the healing of Theresa's lungs.

Linda Crispell - Pray for strength for me.

Norma Bowen - Prayers to guide me and my family’s steps.

Anonymous Prayers - 1) Pray for my husband to change, lead his family and not be tempted. 2) Pray for the people of this world to come to Jesus Christ. 3) For my husband who was recently diagnosed with oral cancer. Please pray the surgery will go well and there will be no infection. 4) Pray for my husband who has an addiction for the last 2 years and for my marriage which is falling apart due to his addiction. 5) Prayer for healing for my Dad who is going through a sickness that he is struggling with. 6) Pray for Mary Jane who is having knee replacement surgery.

Millie Natal - Pray for Noel who is sick.

Christopher Moy - Pray for America.

Patrick Mendonca - Family spiritual growth.

Kim Carr - For Dean to find his path.

Carol Deyette - Health of my daughter and granddaughter.

Anthony Romano - Surrender completely to Him.

Christopher Bayley - To grow in the knowledge of God’s word, for purity when spending time with my girlfriend, to be a more patient driver and with people, for brother Carlos and Nicholas’s salvation, to be disciplined with going to bed early, to spend money more wisely and the Lord’s guidance in doing so and for God’s blessing and to know His will for my future. 

Carol Ann Cairo - For the Lord's hand to be upon me in PTA school, for His grace and mercy to pass clinic and exams in Spring 2024 and to move forward to God be the glory.

Mick Connors - Prayers of thanks for the recent health update.

Church Office - Please pray for Pastor Steve.

Ronni Schmachtenberg - Pray for my daughter Kristen.

Mick Connors - Thankful to our Lord & Savior, I received good news from the doctor last week.  Please also pray for Maureen that she also receives good news.

Dorothy French - Praying for the church and the pastor. 

Iris Dozier - Peace in Israel and prayers for my family.

Christopher Schultze - Praying for continuing healing for my friends and family, for guidance and comfort for my friend who lost a loved one and for protection from all evil that we may face.

Charles Carrillo - Pray for my daughter, she’s going through some health issues.

Patrick Mendonca - Family's spiritual growth.

Matthew Kwarren - My friend John was just diagnosed with sudden hearing loss in his left ear.  Pray for a speedy resolution

Jennifer Capobianco - That my sons find happiness and peace. 

Susan Viscusi - Continued prayers for my parents James and Kathryn.

Ann Lydia Calderon-Scott - Pray for my friend Magaly, who is healing from a stroke.

Stacey Mucaria - Pray for the Angelora family for the loss of Bob.

Anonymous - I would like to lift a family who shared some painful things that they are going through. How mom has walked out.. but has returned. God, I lift this family to you. You know their struggles and their needs. May your will be done in Jesus' name. AMEN

Noel Natal - Please keep my wife, Millie, in prayer.

Gary Binford - Salvation for VJ, Walt, Valita, Monica, Chris and Paula.

Iris Smith - Pray for healing and peace for all around the world.

Steven O'Brien - Pray for Gina's continued recovery from surgery.