Like many of you, Donna and I were away for the past few days to get some rest and spend time with our family. I want to thank Pastor Mark, Pastor Gregg, and Joyce Makin for making it possible for me to be away. Also, to Pastor Mark and Pastor Gregg for their messages on Christmas Eve and last Sunday. Thanks to our other staff as well.


Every January brings the opportunity to start over. The change of year seems to be a natural time to consider changing your life. However, sometimes simple life changes are not enough. Instead of remodeling, you need to rebuild.

This Sunday, January 5, 2020, we will launch a new message series called, “Rebuild Your Life.” Built around the story of Nehemiah, each week addresses a specific step that God can and will use to rebuild you. This is not about trying harder or being more determined to do better. This series will focus on the steps you can take to allow God to rebuild you.


This Sunday, the message will be about knowing the right time to rebuild. The next message will be about the importance of planning wisely and asking boldly. Each week in the series you will learn another step God can use to Rebuild Your Life. Because of that, attending worship and hearing the message is important.

But we want to help you go even further. Each week at Living Faith our LifeGroups help adults connect and grow. During the series they do even more as they focus on the topic of the message the Sunday before. Pastor Gregg and I will provide additional resources each week to help leaders and groups dig deeper. You can view a video we made about it.

If you are already in a LifeGroup then you are all set! If not, you can join one this Sunday or follow the link below to sign up now. Let me encourage you to take this step and see God rebuild your life this year! Sign up here.

Those who are new to faith have another option. Jump Start is a special eight-week class that provides a safe place to ask questions and learn the basics of the Christian faith. This January classes will be offered for Women and Couples. Designed by my wife Donna, Jump Start is a great way to begin your journey to Rebuild Your Life!

If you are interested in Jump Start, you can register on Sunday or use this link to sign up now.


This would be a great Sunday to invite someone else to come with you! Bring them and let’s ask God to rebuild all of us for his glory! I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, January 5, 2020, at 8:30AM, 10:15AM, or 12:00PM.

Pastor Ed