We strive to partner with you to raise up children with a heart for God.
As a mother, knowing the struggle of balancing a commitment to raising our children to know God with all of the activities (school, sports, art class, gymnastics, the list is endless…) can be difficult. We are glad you have made your child’s relationship with God a priority and we hope to help you! We know that having your children participate regularly in activities that are fun and focused on Bible truths can have a long lasting impact on their spiritual journey.

Suzanne Garcia
Children's Ministry Director

All volunteers who work with the children have been through our Safe Environment process.
What does this mean? They have all been through training on proper procedure and best practices with a focus on abuse: how to avoid it, what to look for and how to report any suspicion. There is an application and three references required as well as a background check performed. All of these steps must be completed before they are allowed to serve with the children. We want parents to always feel confident that the best care is given to their children and for children to always feel safe.

We present Bible teaching in a creative way!
This is through the use of videos, dynamic teaching and a variety of fun activities designed to further the Bible message. We desire for children to learn God’s word and develop a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

We know that children learn through play.
We strive to make all of our programs a fun place for children to connect with God and each other. We create fun, dynamic environments for children to explore and discover who God is and how He loves them.

Our Children’s Ministry provides opportunities where your children are loved unconditionally, protected uncompromisingly, and taught Bible truths creatively. Together we can make a difference in the life of your child! 

GRADES 1 - 5