Bible Passage: Haggai
Memory Verse: Psalm 40:8
Bible Truth
God should be most important in our lives.

Lesson Introduction:
It’s going to be a great Bible study today! We get to look at the Book of Haggai. When the Israelites returned to Jerusalem they got distracted and did not immediately rebuild the temple. We can use that as an example to learn from to make sure we keep our focus on God as our top priority.

This is a picture of a signet ring. Rings like this one were worn by kings. If the king had something important to say, he would have it written down and then make a stamp on the paper with the ring to show everyone that the king said it. It was very important. In our Bible story today, God tells someone they will be His signet ring. Let’s learn more about who God said this to and why!

Watch Joel’s video, and then continue below!

Discuss these questions together as a family:

What was Joel trying to focus on?
What did Haggai tell the Israelites to focus on?
What might distract a kid your age from focusing on God?

Focus is so hard! There are always things that catch our attention and pull us away from where we should be going.
You may not find squirrels distracting (like Joel did), but we each have something that catches our attention. As we go through the Bible story today, think of what that Bible Truth is helping us remember. It is easy to say that God is more important than anything else, but we need to live in a way that shows we truly believe it. Help your kids open their Bibles to the Book of Haggai. God was not happy that the people were not prioritizing working to rebuild the temple. Notice what He told them in the first chapter of Haggai. Read Haggai 1:2-4. In these verses God pointed out that the people had built nice homes for themselves without building the temple. God was exposing their priorities. The people did not care enough about the temple of God. Having nice homes was not the problem.
The problem was avoiding the work God had planned for them to do. God wanted them to know that their excuses were not valid; He required their obedience. God was gracious to send Haggai to instruct the people to return to working on the temple. God was also gracious to help them understand that even though the temple would not be as beautiful as the original, He would fill it with His glory. Read Haggai 2:23. When God declared that Zerubbabel would be made like a signet ring, God meant that Zerubbabel had a special connection to Him. Zerubbabel had the authority to speak and to lead God’s people. Let’s learn a lesson from the Israelites. Let’s not get distracted. Instead, let’s focus on God and follow Him obediently.

Use these questions for more Bible study together as a family!

  1. Name the book that comes before and the book that comes after Haggai. (Zephaniah and Zechariah)
  2. Who was the prophet in today's Bible story? (Haggai, Haggai 1:1)
  3. Who was the governor of Judah (leader of the Israelites) in today's Bible story? (Zerubbabel, Haggai 1:1)
  4. Who was the high priest in today's Bible story? (Joshua, Haggai 1:1)
  5. What did God want the people to do? (Rebuild the temple, Haggai 1:8)
  6. What had the people done instead of rebuilding the temple? (Built nice houses for themselves, Haggai 1:4)
  7. What consequence had the people experienced because they did not rebuild the temple? (A bad harvest, Haggai 1:6,9-11)
  8. How did the people respond to Haggai's message? (They finished rebuilding the temple, Haggai 1:14)
  9. Who did God say He would make like His signet ring? (Zerubbabel, Haggai 2:23)
  10. What is today's Memory Verse? (Psalm 40:8 in the translation of your choice)

Use the bible story picture to engage your child as you tell them the story from Haggai.


Focus in on these Bible Story Nuggets as you are telling the story:

God sent a message to the people.  

“Build My house,” God said.

“Don’t be afraid. Work.”


  1. What did God want the people to do?
  2. What did the people do?
  3. Did the people obey God?