Living Faith provides all members, attendees, and visitors with free access to RightNow Media, an expansive digital library of faith-based videos! Activate your account and begin enjoying a wide array of video resources for kids, students, parents, small groups, and more! We also encourage you to share with families and friends as well!

Right NOW MEDIA...

  • Is the Netflix of Christian video resources and content, available on-demand from any smartphone, tablet, computer, or streaming device!
  • Has video content catered to everyone, including children, students, parents, married couples, professionals, seniors, and more!
  • Gives you instant access to over 20,000 faith-based videos, including over 2,000 for children!


  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet to be directed to the registration page
  • Text LFCCNY to 49775 and receive a text message with the invitation link